Happy Bachelorette Anniversary Katie!

If you know me well, you know I’m pretty much obsessed with Kate Middleton and the Royal Family. So don’t think it went unnoticed that yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the Royal Wedding. 3 years?! I seriously don’t know where time goes. Because as much as I swooned over that gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown, the Royal Wedding will always remind me of my dear friend, Katie’s bachelorette weekend.

It was a weekend filled with wine tasting, pretty vineyards, late-night dance parties, laughs, tears – and more wine. The first bachelorette party of my close-knit high school friends, which still remains one of my favorite weekends with them because I think it brought us all even closer. We bonded. We cried. I told you there were tears — let’s just say it was the wine.

Happy Bachelorette Anniversary Katie — Here’s a trip down memory lane…

Katie Bach 1

Katie Bach 2

Katie Bach 3

Katie Bach 4

Katie Bach 5

Katie Bach 6

Katie Bach 7

Bachelorette parties haven’t changed too much in three years. Recipe for a successful bachelorette party = Hot pink bride paraphernalia  + wine + good tunes + best friends (and probably some pizza) 😉 Love you, girls!!

And just for fun…

Royal Wedding Kiss

{photo via The Huffington Post}

all bachelorette pics c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts