Wedding in Wine Country

I got to spend the past weekend in beautiful Sonoma County, California celebrating our dear friends, Allison and Matt, as they tied the knot. It was such a breath of fresh air to spend a few days outside, biking, sipping wine and soaking in some much-needed sunshine. But all that aside, I was so honored to be a part of this couple’s special day — and witness the most touching ceremony I have ever attended. With hand-written vows and a performance of Ryan Adams’ “When The Stars Go Blue” by the bride’s cousin, there wasn’t a dry eye amongst the guests.

I wanted to share some of my own photos of the wedding, so as not to keep you waiting…with the hopes that I can get my hands on the professional ones soon!

IMG_4775{The happy couple wine tasting at Kunde Family Winery before the big day}

IMG_4797{All the ladies with the bride at the Welcome Dinner}IMG_4800{And all the gents with the groom}

Matt and Allison Rehearsal{The best rehearsal exit I’ve ever witnessed}


IMG_4882{First dance}

Matt and Allison Wedding{An intimate newlywed moment in the vineyard at Paradise Ridge}

Congrats Allison & Matt! I’m so happy for you two — and so grateful to have been there to celebrate with you. Cheers to a happy and healthy marriage!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts, Inc.

How to Make the Perfect Ribbon Bouquet

IMG_3126There’s always someone at a bridal shower who knows how to make that darn ribbon bouquet — You know the one made with all the ribbons from all those gifts that the bride carries during the rehearsal. But have you ever wondered how to make one?! At this past Saturday’s shower for this fabulous bride-to-be, I wondered just that. Thankfully, one of my best gal pal’s had been taught this oh-so-necessary bridal shower skill. Read on for my step-by-step how-to.

Step 1:
Using either a paper plate or cutting a large circle out of a gift box, cut a hole in the middle of the cardboard circle.
IMG_3077Step 2:
With one of the largest/sturdiest ribbons, make a big bow and thread it through the center. The knot can rest just above the hole.

IMG_3078Step 3:
Continue making bows and threading them through the center — Make sure to let some long ends hang through, as they will act as the handle.

IMG_3092Step 4:
You should have a good base now — and can always secure some of the ribbons to the cardboard itself with tape or staples if necessary. You can also use a ribbon to wrap around the handle portion to secure it all in place underneath.
IMG_3095Step 5:
Next, keep tying bows onto bows until you’ve used all the ribbons. Save any small ribbons or individual bows and flowers for the end. Tie these directly onto the larger bows and spread them out around the top of the bouquet to add some fun pops of color!
IMG_3103And Voilà! The perfect ribbon bouquet!

IMG_3128Congrats Mallory! Can’t wait for your wedding in November!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts 

{real dilemmas} rehearsal dinner alternative

Ah, wedding logistics… There are so many details and so many people to please. But there are also so many options and alternatives to the standard wedding traditions these days. And that’s where I’m here to help! A reader asked me for advice on her rehearsal dinner – Her dilemma? How to include some very important people in the rehearsal dinner who aren’t in the wedding party or are immediate family without totally blowing the budget? 

Her biggest issue here is where does she draw the line on who to invite – If she starts including those VIP’s and out-of-towners, as well as the wedding party and family, it almost becomes another wedding – and breaks the bank! There’s definitely the option of having a small rehearsal dinner and then joining everyone for drinks after – But that doesn’t solve her dilemma of making those certain special guests feel included… My solution? Host a cocktail party instead of a rehearsal dinner!

passed champagne

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail party?! You’ll save some money by just having drinks and hors d’oeuvres – Your guests will get their sit-down dinner the next night. You can invite more people, especially those VIP’s – But don’t feel obligated to invite every wedding guest! You still want to make it feel special for those VIP’s. And it can still have that celebratory and festive feel you’re looking for!

Of course, this won’t be the solution for everyone, but it sounds like a good option in this case. So, what do you think? Would you opt for a cocktail party instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner?

photo via Ann Street Studio