Throwback Thursday: Fancy Friday @ Vineyard 29

The below post started with a simple image I found on Pinterest last Spring and couldn’t wait to share with you all. It just so happens that this same pin has been getting some extra love on my Pinterest this week and why shouldn’t it?! It’s barre + wine + bachelorette party all wrapped up into one! Since it’s Thursday and my girl, Brittany hosts her Throwback Thursday post series, the timing couldn’t be better to share this little post with you again. I love when the stars align. Keep reading to see where I would have had my own bachelorette party had I known about this then!

My Own Balance
Vineyard 29

When I saw this image on Pinterest earlier this week, I got giddy. I knew something exciting would be coming once I clicked through to Well+Good – and boy, was I right. A barre class followed by a vineyard tour in Napa Valley?! Where can I sign up? Vineyard 29 that’s where. They call their program “Pilates Essentials” – which has all the essentials for the perfect bachelorette party. The package includes a pilates or barre class, tour, spa lunch and a case of wine (more info here) – Seriously, why didn’t I know about this before my bachelorette party?!

Someone who lives closer to California than me, please go and report back. Until then, have a great weekend my loves!

image via Well+Good

Inspiration Overload?

One sweet reader (and bride-to-be) asked me, “How did you visualize what your wedding was actually going to look like on the big day? There’s so much inspiration out there that it’s so hard to pick and choose.”

I couldn’t agree more my friend. Pinterest, blogs, mags, Etsy have all become a bride’s best friend – and worst enemy. As a bride-to-be, it’s impossible to not become overwhelmed – after all, you’re planning YOUR wedding day. But in the end, you make decisions and it all works out. Here are some things that worked for me – and will hopefully set your mind back on track:

1. The Secret Pinterest Board – There’s no denying that Pinterest is amazing. I’m definitely a visual person, so scrolling through rows and rows of pretty images totally gets me excited – and inspired. The introduction of the “secret” Pinterest board couldn’t have come at a better time – right when I was planning my own wedding. It was so great to have a place to catalog my real wedding ideas –You know, the ideas that I was actually planning on using, not just images I liked. When scrolling through my secret board, I could really see how the colors and details I had chosen actually looked all together. And the best part was that I could keep it all a surprise for my guests!

2.  Pick what’s important to YOU – Of course, you have lots of likes and interests – And of course, you’re going to like lots of different wedding ideas. But when it comes time to make some decisions, pick a couple of elements that you really like and that resemble you. For me, it was a bit a wine element. I didn’t get married on a vineyard or have a “wine-themed” wedding, but I kept being drawn to images of escort cards in corks and table numbers on wine bottles. So I stuck with those elements and didn’t look back.



3. It’s impossible to do everything – Just remember, you can’t do it all. Even with all the money in the world, there’s no way you’re going to have a wedding with everything you see online. At the end of the day, your wedding day is about the two of you. And trust me, only you are going to remember what the menus looked like or those Mr. & Mrs. signs on the backs of your chairs. That doesn’t mean don’t put thought into them, but do pick the little extras that you definitely want and focus on those. You can save your other ideas for your sister’s wedding 😉 or future party!

What other questions do you have?

Photos via Jenelle Kappe