Happy Birthday Tulle Wedding Skirts!

photo-3That’s right! This little blog turns one today! A whole year has gone by since I posted my first post — so in honor of the past year, I thought I’d do a little year in review.tutu pic 2It all started with a visiona passion for weddings — and a lot of ballet in my veins.

I created Mood Board Mondays (my favorite board above) — which proved to be a great way to showcase various wedding themes & trends.

There were various series of posts including: Trending, Today’s Tulle and My Best Friend’s Wedding Series, which took us through Danielle’s wedding planning journey. I also created a few How-to’s and DIYs including: the perfect eyebrow shaping, the perfect ribbon bouquet and the perfect whiskey ginger.
(Danielle & Mallory pictured above)

KWP-kerrycolinwedding-1531The Real Weddings features proved to be the most popular posts — as I knew they would be. I had the pleasure of working with so many amazing brides — Elizabeth, Heather, Jamie, Caroline, Erica, Erin, Katie, Callie, Danielle, Kerry & Mallory — and can’t wait to feature the brides I have in the pipeline! Thank you all!
(Colin & Kerry’s wedding, above, was definitely a highlight of 2014 for me)IMG_2535Brides & Bubbly was born! In partnership with Work it Out, I created a series of bridal events for local brides to come out, meet new vendors and share a glass of bubbly or two. We hosted five events — and will be back with more in 2015. Stay tuned!
(Photo from our very, first event in June)Cheney_1707_09072013_JK1221Of course, I shared many moments from my own wedding… The story behind choosing my Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses, a lovely feature on my Love Ophelia robes, decor inspiration… because those moments are what truly led me to start this blog. Paulie and I also celebrated our one year anniversary in September — and I can’t thank him enough for his continued support of me and this blog.

It’s been one heck of a year, with a fair share of ups and downs. But I have so much to be grateful for from starting my little blog — and so much to be grateful for in my life. Thank you for sticking with me readers — I owe it all to you!

An Easy Bridal Shower Activity

I recently shared with you this super simple bridal shower game — And today I’d like to share another easy shower activity to do with your guests. I know when planning a shower it’s nice to have these little extras to make the event just a touch more special.

IMG_3131This is a cute way to have guests give their own little bit of advice to the couple. Have each guest write her advice on a postcard, addressed to the bride & groom — Then mail one postcard a week to the couple for their first year of marriage, so each week they receive a new tip in the mail!

You can frame this little poem to leave out as instructions:

Please share your wisdom
about marriage, love and life,
the secret to being a good husband
or a thoughtful, caring wife.

We’ll send your advice
throughout their first year,
so please address
your notes to them here:

IMG_3133As an extra touch we ordered vintage postcards from different places the bride & groom had traveled to together — You can purchase some pretty awesome postcards on Zazzle, here.

So simple! It gives the bride & groom a little something to look forward to after the wedding – and it makes your guests feel included!

Hope everyone has a nice, short week and eases into what is my favorite month of the year!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

An Easy Bridal Shower Game

Shower games can be tricky. Should we do a game? How many? Is this too cheesy? Is it too embarrassing? Sound familiar? Well I’m here to help a sister out. With the help of my best girlfriends, I’ve come up with the perfect bridal shower game for any bride! Keep reading for the {oh so simple} rules and pretty print-out you can use {compliments of my girl, Faye}.

The game is easy. It’s called 20 Questions (or 25, or 28). I’ve given you 28 to work with. Get the groom the answer all the questions before the shower. Ask the bride one question at a time. If the bride and groom’s answers match, YAY! everyone claps. And if they don’t, make her pop a piece of gum, an M&M or mini marshmallow in her mouth (whatever you think your bride will prefer). What makes this funny is she’s got to keep all the candy in her mouth until the end of game.

See?! So simple. What’s great is that all your guests will learn a little more about the couple — And hey, the couple may even learn a thing or two about each other!
Bridal Shower QuizHave a great weekend my loves! I’ll be rounding out my triple crown of bridal showers tomorrow — This time for my almost sissie!

image c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

{my best friend’s wedding} Bridal Shower Recap

I first introduced you to Danielle back when we were bridesmaid dress shopping — and boy, how time has flown! You met her wedding planner — and last week, I shared some pictures from her bachelorette weekend. It’s been fun to have been involved in so many steps along the way to her wedding day, which is just a month away!

Her shower, this past Saturday, was a picturesque summer day — and the event planner in me can’t help but share with you the details!

IMG_3131We had each guest write a postcard of advice on marriage, love & life that we will send to the newlyweds throughout their first year of marriage!

Each postcard featured a place the couple has traveled to together — Plus, homemade floral arrangements by the bride’s mom and childhood photos of the bride & groom!
IMG_3150The signature drink was an ode to the bride’s mom — Showcased on the chalkboard my baby sister made for my own shower last year!
IMG_3145Layered cupcakes in mason jars complete with a take-home spoon made the perfect favor — The groom’s sister baked them all and sure outdid herself!
IMG_3212The gorgeous bride-to-be & her beautiful mother!
IMG_3215The groom and all the ladies!
IMG_3219Danielle & her bridesmaids ❤
IMG_3226Cheers to the happy couple! Can’t wait to witness the two of you get married one month from today!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

Mood Board Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend — I really can’t get over how it’s August already! Today’s mood board is a little bachelorette party photo collage to recap this bride-to-be’s girls weekend in Nantucket. It was the perfect weekend complete with white wine spritzers on the beach and an epic late night dance party!

We were even successful in getting the bride to sport the traditional bachelorette sash and veil, as well as some pretty awesome sunglasses. Amazon is great for accessories like these — You can purchase the wayfarers here.

Have a great week, darling readers!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

Fancy Friday

hello weekendHappy Friday! First, I want to thank you all for the likes, shares and sweet comments on Erin & Todd’s wedding feature this week — Certainly made me smile and I hope to share more great wedding features with you soon! If you or someone you know would like to be featured on the blog, please leave a comment below or email me!

Before the weekend officially begins, I’ll be heading to this girl’s first dress fitting! It’s hard to believe that our fall weddings are creeping up on us so soon. I’ve been busy planning showers and bachelorettes for these special ladies and can’t wait to share all of the details with you!

Hope your weekend looks like above (or at the beach) — because isn’t that what summer weekends are for?! Soak in some sun and enjoy it — I’ll see you back here for a short week before the holiday weekend! (Umm, how is it that time already?!)

ps. A “How I Met Your Mother” inspired wedding?! Adorable.

image c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

{my best friend’s wedding} Paige of Gilded Lily Events

You first met Danielle back when she was bridesmaid dress shopping {see the first feature here} – and now as her wedding planning is really picking up, she’s back to introduce us to her wedding planner — as well as give us a little insight on why she hired a wedding planner.

From Danielle: “Once we decided that our wedding was going to be in Keith’s [fiancé] parent’s backyard, I knew that I needed some help! While I wanted to plan everything and every detail myself, I just knew that I would get overwhelmed since we have to bring in everything – bathrooms, tents, tables, plates, silverware, etc!! So that’s when we decided to hire a wedding planner. Paige has been such a huge help thus far and I can’t imagine planning our wedding without her. She really gets our overall vision and I know that she’s going to help us execute it perfectly! We can’t wait for the big day and to see it all come together! 

So who’s Paige? I’m pleased to introduce you to Paige of Gilded Lily Events – a full service design and planning studio based in New Jersey. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paige, who was sweet enough to share her story with us. Read on for more!


What made you go into wedding planning?
Event planning has always been at my core. I believe that it is the perfect marriage of my strongest skills. My type A personality is perfect for planning and organizing but yet I have a strong creative side that loves to design and create beautiful things. It was just a matter of time until I made it my career. After my wedding (almost 4 years ago now), my feelings were confirmed and Gilded Lily Events was born.

gilded lily 2

Tell me a little bit about your business.
Gilded Lily Events is a labor of love! I work tirelessly to make sure that I create events that will make lasting memories and truly reflect the personalities of the couples getting married. I love meeting new couples and starting the brainstorming process until the big reveal when all of the hard work has paid off. We work with couples to design the look of the wedding, provide unique vintage rentals to add that something special and bring it all together with the logistics of the day of planning.


What’s the meaning behind the name, Gilded Lily Events?
I love that you asked that! (I just wrote a blog post about the meaning behind the name.) “Gilding the lily” means to make something already beautiful even more so. However, the reason I chose this name is because many years ago my very creative and talented mom and aunt had a business that they called Gilded Lily Events and they designed the most elaborate theme parties for friends. As a little girl, I was amazed and inspired by these events that are still so memorable. It is an homage to them.

gilded lily 1

What’s the one thing you tell all of your brides?
I feel like that is a particularly hard question for me to answer since every bride is so different. Each bride’s personalities need a different response but one thing I hope they understand from me whether or not I say it outright is that “I am on your side”. I want every bride to know that their day matters so much to me and I will do my very best to make it as perfect as possible.


Thank you so much for sharing, Paige! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Danielle’s wedding – We’ll just have to wait patiently until September!

photography by Christina Lilly Photography

Introducing… My Best Friend’s Wedding Series!

I couldn’t be more excited to launch this new series – and introduce you all to Danielle, my best friend who’s tying the knot this September! As a nod to one of our all-time favorite movies that the two of us watched constantly during high school, the name of this series is appropriately, My Best Friend’s Wedding. Throughout the coming months, stay tuned for more details about Danielle’s wedding planning journey – and of course, the big day itself this Fall!

My Best Friend's Wedding - Movie Poster

{Just saw that this movie came out in 1997 – OMG, I’m old!}

To kick things off, I have some photos from our bridesmaid dress shopping trip this past weekend – and a little Q&A with Danielle about her bridesmaid vision and shopping experience.


{The pretty bride-to-be looking through the racks at our first stop, Jenny Yoo}

What was your vision for your bridesmaid’s dresses?
At first, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for the bridesmaid dresses so I spent a lot of time looking around online and on Pinterest (what did people do before Pinterest?!?). As I was looking around, I realized I was always drawn to the pictures that had the bridesmaids in different styles of a dress in the same color. So I decided that I wanted to have the option to change the necklines for the dresses to best suit each bridesmaid. As for the color palette and material, I knew I wanted it to be soft, light, monochromatic and somewhat whimsical, so I based our search off that.


{A rainbow of options at Jenny Yoo!}

Did you change your mind once you saw your bridesmaids actually try on dresses?
As you can attest to, I am super indecisive! But surprisingly, this was a pretty easy decision. We tried on a few options, but after seeing you guys in the different styles, colors and fabrics, I pretty much knew which dress we would go with. And it was totally in line with my vision. We actually ended up picking the first dresses that I saw online!


{Danielle deep in discussion over dresses at our second stop, J.Crew}

The ladies in our lives come in all different shapes and sizes, with many different likes and dislikes. What advice would you give to brides going through the bridesmaid dress shopping experience?  
We all know what it feels like to be in a dress or outfit that you’re not comfortable in and I really wanted to make sure that everyone felt good about what they were wearing on our big day. Part of the reason that I went with the different neckline options is that not everyone feels comfortable in the same style. So my advice would be to pick a color and material that you like and try to find a dress that comes in different styles to suit all shapes and sizes. I’m fortunate enough to have 3 beautiful ladies in my wedding party so it was a very easy decision!
{I’m loving J.Crew’s bridal line this year – Especially this striped shirt!}
We won’t give away what dress you chose, but when will we see it? Tell me a little about your wedding – date, locale, style.
Keith and I are getting married on September 13, 2014 in his parent’s backyard in New Jersey. While we didn’t meet until college, we both grew up in New Jersey in neighboring towns. Since we’ve been together, we spend a lot of time at home in New Jersey with our families. After looking at a bunch of venues, we realized that the backyard was the perfect place for us to get married. We felt this option best fit who we are and how we envision spending our wedding night with all of our friends and family. So, we’re going to throw up a tent and have a big backyard party!
We got engaged in Italy and both love it there so we are pulling some inspiration from that. We’re certainly not having a theme to our wedding, but we’re going for an elegant, rustic, Italian feel. As I’m walking down the aisle, I’m going to imagine that we are in the garden in Castiglione d’Orcia where we got engaged!
So there you have it! Be sure to come back for more details from Danielle over the next few months. I, for one, already can’t wait for September!
photos by Tulle Wedding Skirts