Fancy Friday

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For all my busy brides – and wives and girlfriends – out there. Does anyone else feel like the days are going by at warp speed? Is it really the first weekend of April already? Slow down, 2014.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Just a little reminder to enjoy the little things as you sip your morning coffee – like spring flowers and sunshine on your face (finally). It’s amazing how the change in weather improves everyone’s mood. So this weekend while you’re checking things off your crazy-long to-do list, treat yourself to that latte or bunch of tulips – because it’s the little things that make our jam-packed days a little sweeter.

Happy Friday dear readers!

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The Peony Problem

stop and smell the peonies print

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Oh peonies. You make everyone crazy. With your big, soft petals and pretty shades of pink, you make every girl swoon over you. Spring after spring… But that’s just the thing, you only come around during the spring and then you’re gone like the wind – breaking girl’s hearts, who continue to long for you all year.

Peonies make a beautiful bridal bouquet – They’re full and elegant and look beautiful alone with no additional fillers. However, like I said, they’re a spring bloom. So all you spring brides, go enjoy your peonies – you have nothing to stress over. All my late summer/fall brides, this post is for you. You, too, have nothing to stress over, because there are other options that will give your bouquet that same soft, full and elegant look!

peony bouquet - jenelle kappe

{White peony bouquet from a gorgeous Jenelle Kappe spring wedding}

Ladies, meet cabbage rose. Peony’s twin sister. Seriously, can you even tell the difference?

pink cabbage rose bouquet

{I think this might be peonies and cabbage roses, but my sources tell me they’re cabbage roses. Via Ashley Biess Photography}

Dahlias also make a great peony alternative, especially for my fall brides. Here’s another beautiful bouquet – a mix of dahlias and cabbage roses.

dahlia and rose bouquet

{via the always faithful, style me pretty}


{my own bouquet – via Jenelle Kappe}

My all-white bouquet was a mixture of cabbage roses, hydrangeas and lisianthus (the ones with the yellow center) – as well as queen anne’s lace and dusty miller. Hydrangeas are another big, full flower if you’re looking for that effect.

So there you go peony-lovers. Flowers can be tricky – So I really hope this helps you throughout the process. And of course, I’m always open to more questions!


We’ve all got spring fever (like, woah) – Which is why today I have some more pretty blooms for you. Kelly (read more here) started to bring out my inner florist and really introduced me to two flowers that not only does she incorporate into a lot of her arrangements, but I’ve also been seeing pop up lately on Pinterest and in bouquets – anemones and ranunculus.

anemones and japanese ranunculus

{arranged by 2h flowers / shot by alice gao}

Both anemones and ranunculus are spring flowers. Which makes them not only in season now, but perfect for your spring wedding!

anemone and ranunculus bouquet

{sweet & soft bouquet found here}

Besides being totally gorgeous, both varieties can be found in a range of colors to go with many different color palettes. However, I can’t help but be drawn to the pink ones!

ranunculus centerpice

{ranunculus centerpiece}

Are you loving them too? Did you use either in your own wedding flowers? Or planning on using them? Let me know!

Fancy Friday

stop and smell the roses print

I’ve clearly got flowers on the brain this week. #springfever. But this is also a simple reminder to take a step back, take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful life. Speaking of which, for those worriers out there like myself – 12 Things You Could Do Instead of Worrying.

It’s Friday! Hope you all had a good week – and have an even better weekend!

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A morning with 2h flowers

I think everyone could use some bright blooms right about now. So today I bring you Kelly of 2h flowers, a little Q&A about her company and tips for brides on a budget – plus, some pretty pics of our trip to the flower market!

We started the morning at Dutch Flower Line in NYC. It’s here Kelly picks out the flowers for the day’s orders – You know you’ll get the freshest of fresh as they source each morning! Who wouldn’t want to come here everyday – Flowers for days!

dutch flower line

So Kelly, what made you go into the flower business?
After being in the fashion industry for 6 years, I was ready for a change. As a way of attempting to open the proverbial doors, I decided to do a massive cubicle purge, tossing all of the outdated things that had piled up over the years. Once done, one of the few things that remained was an empty glass vase. Excited to celebrate my newly cleaned space I searched for florists who could supply the flowers to fill it. Frustrated by lack of options, I had a thought. I considered that perhaps I could be the florist I was looking for, offering artful design at a reasonable price point. That July afternoon I started a business plan. By the end of September, I had launched


Where did the name 2h flowers come from?
Coming up with a name that I felt represented my brand might have been one of the hardest parts of starting a business! After crossing off unavailable URLs from a very long list, it finally occurred to me. Very often the social spot for my group of friends, 2h represented a lifestyle: fun, refined, and infused with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor (it’s her apt. #). Plus it’s always a conversation starter.


What advice would you tell brides looking for a florist on a tight budget?
I would let them know that impactful doesn’t have to mean grand in scale. You can make a very big impact with very little. Consider the natural structure and volume of different varieties and use it to your advantage. Tall grass blades in a milk bottle or flowering branches in a large glass cylinder are going to make for a big statement that small flower heads can’t compete with. Consider using these alternative options to complement smaller bunches or single stem bud vases of your favorite, higher-priced flowers. The juxtaposition of well-chosen elements will make for stand-out decor and will keep the eye moving around the room. Also consider how you might be able to repurpose certain elements – ceremony pew flowers can be moved to the bar, bridesmaid bouquets can become centerpieces, etc.


In terms of wedding florals, which elements are most important?
Most importantly, I’d say to stay true to what you really love. If you’re obsessed with peonies, use them only for your bouquet or use single stems in bud vases. Alternatively, using less expensive flowers in bulk will most always look thoughtful and well-designed. Giant bunches of white carnations or baby’s breath will make a rich statement without the hefty price tag. Bridesmaid bouquets could be as simple as bundles of dried lavender tied with beautiful ribbon. (They also make for an excellent keepsake.)


Do flowers make or break a wedding?
Often one of the only elements of decor at a wedding, flowers certainly can contribute a lot to a space. Focus on what will make the most impact structurally and through use of color. Adding flowers to a space is often like adding accessories to an outfit. Consider the way everything plays off each other, from color to style, to figure out what is going to give you the best pop.


Along the lines of, less is more, Kelly and I made some of her pretty little posy arrangements (above) – I think these would be perfect clustered together in small groups as centerpieces – or you could give them a little height by putting them on pieces of wood or books, depending on the theme of your wedding!

Thank you Kelly for giving us a peek into the flower world! Be sure to check out her site and keep her in mind for your wedding – or just to brighten up your BFF’s day.

2h flowers

ps. You’ve heard it before… The best thing for fresh flowers is fresh water – So remember to change that water daily!

Photos by Tulle Wedding Skirts


babys breath bouquet 2

photo 1

babys breath crowns

photo 2

babys breath pom

photo 3

Trent Bailey

photo 4

babys breath in vase

photo 5

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the most sense… like baby’s breath (aka gypsophila). The flower that was once reserved for a filler in your prom date’s corsage is making a come back. Baby’s breath is totally trending in wedding florals right now. From the main focal point like the bride’s bouquet to elegant decor in lace-wrapped vases – There seem to be a plethora of ways to use this tiny white flower. My personal favs are the beautiful flower girl crowns – What better way to make a little girl feel like a princess?! And I’m loving the hanging baby’s breath poms – a great way to spruce up a reception tent!

I really love all white wedding florals – and baby’s breath seems to be just the ticket to do that without breaking the bank! Will I be seeing baby’s breath at your wedding this year?