Getting-Ready Robes {on a budget}

I absolutely love the trend of brides and bridesmaids in matching robes while getting ready for the wedding. It makes for some adorable photographs – and the robes themselves make great gifts for your ‘maids! But these pretty little things can cost a pretty penny – especially when you have a large bridal party.

A reader – and long-time friend – asked me for some suggestions on robes for her bridal party. Because even though she adores Love Ophelia, she also has eight ‘maids – and those beauties add up fast! So I did a little digging around and came up with some other pretty fabulous options.

Memento Monogrammed Bridesmaid Robes

These monogrammed robes are by the adorable shop, Memento. And when you need five or more, they’re only $33 each! They come in a bunch of different colors and have a few different monogram options. They also carry white oversized shirts, which is another cute look too!

You’ll never guess where these are from. Only everyone’s most favorite store ever… Target. Yup. And they’re on sale for $17.59. You better hurry before these things sell out!

And just because they’re too darn cute not to share, crowd-favorite Plum Pretty Sugar is now making rompers. Take a peak for yourself here. 

Introducing… My Best Friend’s Wedding Series!

I couldn’t be more excited to launch this new series – and introduce you all to Danielle, my best friend who’s tying the knot this September! As a nod to one of our all-time favorite movies that the two of us watched constantly during high school, the name of this series is appropriately, My Best Friend’s Wedding. Throughout the coming months, stay tuned for more details about Danielle’s wedding planning journey – and of course, the big day itself this Fall!

My Best Friend's Wedding - Movie Poster

{Just saw that this movie came out in 1997 – OMG, I’m old!}

To kick things off, I have some photos from our bridesmaid dress shopping trip this past weekend – and a little Q&A with Danielle about her bridesmaid vision and shopping experience.


{The pretty bride-to-be looking through the racks at our first stop, Jenny Yoo}

What was your vision for your bridesmaid’s dresses?
At first, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted for the bridesmaid dresses so I spent a lot of time looking around online and on Pinterest (what did people do before Pinterest?!?). As I was looking around, I realized I was always drawn to the pictures that had the bridesmaids in different styles of a dress in the same color. So I decided that I wanted to have the option to change the necklines for the dresses to best suit each bridesmaid. As for the color palette and material, I knew I wanted it to be soft, light, monochromatic and somewhat whimsical, so I based our search off that.


{A rainbow of options at Jenny Yoo!}

Did you change your mind once you saw your bridesmaids actually try on dresses?
As you can attest to, I am super indecisive! But surprisingly, this was a pretty easy decision. We tried on a few options, but after seeing you guys in the different styles, colors and fabrics, I pretty much knew which dress we would go with. And it was totally in line with my vision. We actually ended up picking the first dresses that I saw online!


{Danielle deep in discussion over dresses at our second stop, J.Crew}

The ladies in our lives come in all different shapes and sizes, with many different likes and dislikes. What advice would you give to brides going through the bridesmaid dress shopping experience?  
We all know what it feels like to be in a dress or outfit that you’re not comfortable in and I really wanted to make sure that everyone felt good about what they were wearing on our big day. Part of the reason that I went with the different neckline options is that not everyone feels comfortable in the same style. So my advice would be to pick a color and material that you like and try to find a dress that comes in different styles to suit all shapes and sizes. I’m fortunate enough to have 3 beautiful ladies in my wedding party so it was a very easy decision!
{I’m loving J.Crew’s bridal line this year – Especially this striped shirt!}
We won’t give away what dress you chose, but when will we see it? Tell me a little about your wedding – date, locale, style.
Keith and I are getting married on September 13, 2014 in his parent’s backyard in New Jersey. While we didn’t meet until college, we both grew up in New Jersey in neighboring towns. Since we’ve been together, we spend a lot of time at home in New Jersey with our families. After looking at a bunch of venues, we realized that the backyard was the perfect place for us to get married. We felt this option best fit who we are and how we envision spending our wedding night with all of our friends and family. So, we’re going to throw up a tent and have a big backyard party!
We got engaged in Italy and both love it there so we are pulling some inspiration from that. We’re certainly not having a theme to our wedding, but we’re going for an elegant, rustic, Italian feel. As I’m walking down the aisle, I’m going to imagine that we are in the garden in Castiglione d’Orcia where we got engaged!
So there you have it! Be sure to come back for more details from Danielle over the next few months. I, for one, already can’t wait for September!
photos by Tulle Wedding Skirts

Bridesmaids on a budget

I’ll be sharing lots of pretty pictures from around the web, but I also want to make sure to keep things in perspective – That’s why I’ll be doing a series of budget posts for different elements of your wedding. Since we’ve already discussed bridesmaid dresses, I’d figure we’d start there. And why not stick with the blush/champagne color family!

Thanks to online shopping there really are so many more options for bridesmaids these days. I know many women will shy away from online shopping (especially for bridesmaid dresses) because they can’t try things on before purchasing, but as along as you read the return policy this can be a great option that shouldn’t be ruled out. Plus, your out-of-town ‘maids will thank you, because they can shop from home and be included in the process too!

Under $200: David’s Bridal has a bridesmaids line and so many are the same cuts and silhouettes as your favorite designer dresses! This and this are personal favs! Nordstrom has some great options too – This dress is online only, but just look at that back!

Under $100: Two online shops I came across during my own wedding research were Modcloth and ShopRuche – Both have “bridal” sections on their sites – and you seriously can’t beat their prices! Like this, and this!

Every little penny saved while planning your wedding is a good thing – Hope this helps your budget!

My girls

There’s no doubt a bride’s dress will be the most talked about piece of clothing at a wedding – I also think it’s one of the most anticipated things for any female wedding guest. But when planning a wedding, for me, the bridesmaids’ dresses were more important. After deciding on my girls’ dresses, everything else in terms of colors, decor, flowers and wardrobe really fell into place.

I knew I wanted their dresses to be either blush or champagne – And when they tried on Jenny Yoo’s Hudson in Metallic Swirl Lace, I knew we found the winner. The fabric is the perfect combination of soft blush with a silver thread throughout the delicate lace which gives it a little shimmer. Metallic accents are always a winner in my book.


From there, I knew the flowers had to be soft – all whites and light pinks with soft dusty miller as greenery – no pops of bright color. These dresses stand out on their own. The rest of the decor was all light grey with touches of soft pink. (More on those details to come!)


So if you’re having trouble visualizing just how your wedding is going to look, decide on the bridesmaid’s dress – or hold up different ideas next to the dress. And make sure to ask for a fabric swatch of the dress if you can. It’s always a good idea to bring that with you – whether you’re meeting with the florist or picking out your groom’s tie!


All photos via Jenelle Kappe