{real weddings} Erin & Todd – Part 1

I’m so excited to share the first part of Erin and Todd’s wedding story with you today! Erin (Caroline’s cousin) was sweet enough to share her wedding and engagement photos, as well as the adorable story of how she and her husband met. Read on for their story and shots from their engagement shoot captured by the talented Kate Connolly.

erin-engagement-1From Erin: Todd and I were introduced by a friend of mine from college. I met Brett in 1997 when I was a senior in high school visiting Bucknell University on a field hockey recruiting trip. She was my host that weekend and would soon become my teammate on the field and my “big sister” in our sorority. Who would have known that over ten years later she would introduce me to my husband! I owe you one Brett!

Brett met Todd in September 2008 at Todd’s cousin’s wedding. Brett attended the wedding as a friend of the bride and she and her date had a great time hanging out with Todd. At some point in the evening Brett texted me “I met your husband tonight!” Pretty crazy – She was right!

Thanks to the email below from Brett (We both saved the email, and Todd incorporated it into our rehearsal dinner slide show unbeknownst to our guests and to me until a picture of us as toddlers was followed by a photo of the email), Todd and I met in New York City about a month after I received her text message from the wedding.

Subject: Don’t hate me

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:11:59 -0400

From: [Brett’s E-Mail]

To: [Todd’s E-Mail]; [Erin’s E-Mail]

I know this is weird and awkward but….
Erin meet Todd.
Todd meet Erin.
Email away!! (sorry for the lack of warning on both your parts!)
Drinks, all of us soon!

We went to a restaurant around the corner from my apartment in the West Village for dinner – Café Cluny; a restaurant we would come to frequent for brunch and dinner over the next few years. Todd and I have been together since the evening we met in October 2008 and were engaged in June 2012… at Café Cluny.




erin-engagement-7Stay tuned for Part 2 to see Erin and Todd’s wedding photos and all their wedding details!

Photography by Kate Connolly

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