Mood Board Monday

This weekend was spent celebrating this girl’s birthday in Charlottesville, VA doing one of my favorite activities — wine tasting. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some of the best places in the world for wine, which has really opened my eyes and taught me a thing or two. I really like learning about the vineyards of the world — Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking it too!

But one of the best parts of wine tasting is the scenery — Vineyards are beautiful places and it’s no surprise why they are so popular for wedding venues. Can’t you picture cocktail hour around the pool or in the yard above? I didn’t get married anywhere close to a vineyard, but I did sneak some little wine details into our wedding decor with the corks and wine bottles shown here.

ps. That’s the house we were lucky enough to stay in this weekend.

Photos of wedding decor by Jenelle Kappe, Pool and yard from our honeymoon in Tuscany and house in VA c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts 

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