Fancy {Father’s Day} Friday

Cheney_0995_09072013_JS0285-2You got a peek of my dad yesterday {here} — But today’s post is in honor of him and all fathers out there.

Happy Father’s Day Dad — Even though it all went by so fast, I will never forget those few minutes before walking down the aisle. Thanks for standing by my side. I’ll forever be your tiny dancer.

ps. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my 100th post! In case you weren’t here in the beginning, this is my very first post!

photo via Jenelle Kappe Photography

3 thoughts on “Fancy {Father’s Day} Friday

  1. Ah, my dear Caitlin, my tiny dancer. Your attention to both the big picture and delicate details like these made your wedding what many will remember as the best ever. Thank you for the wonderful Father’s Day surprise with your recent posts, and Molly (above) is correct yet just scratches the surface: all of our moments together mean more to me than I can ever express. Much love, Dad

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