Father-of-the-Bride Gifts {on a budget}

I already gave you my picks for Mother-of-the-Bride gifts (here) — So in honor of Father’s Day this weekend, it is only appropriate to share my picks for Father-of-the-Bride gifts.

Cheney_2107_09072013_JK1542-2I actually gifted these cuff links to my dad last Father’s Day as a little pre-wedding gift (and so he would have time to incorporate a French cuff shirt into his wedding suit). You can personalize them as you wish, but I went with the classic “Father-of-the-Bride” (a nod to a movie my family has probably watched 1,000 times), our wedding date and “Forever Your Little Girl.” Like many of my favorite wedding gifts, these can be found on Etsy (here).

Cheney_2113_09072013_JK1548You’ve already seen my mom’s handkerchief, but I had to get one for my dad too! Another sentimental gift guaranteed to bring a tear to anyone’s eye — But the perfect keepsake for years to come. Found on Etsy (of course) — here.

And the best part is that at $35 and $25, respectively, these gifts won’t break your wedding budget! Happy dads, happy brides, happy shopping!

ps. This is my 100th post! How did that happen?! This little blog has been around for 6 months now! Thank you all for your continued support and readership! xo

photos by Jenelle Kappe Photography

4 thoughts on “Father-of-the-Bride Gifts {on a budget}

  1. Wow happy 100th post Cait!! Time sure does fly! And happy Father’s day Daddy! These are my all time favorite Dad gifts!

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