How to Get a Restaurant Bridal Shower Ready

LOVE balloons via Etsy

Restaurants are one of the easiest places to host a bridal shower because they basically will do everything for you. However, it’s always good to add your own personal touch to a space — and make it feel extra special for the guest of honor.

And guests just love adorable décor! Stumped on what to bring? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Confetti. It comes in every design and color under the sun. Sprinkle it down the center of your tables for a pop of color.

Mylar balloons. Spell out B-R-I-D-E, M-R-S or L-O-V-E in large metallic letter balloons. They easily fill up open space and make for adorable Instagrams!

Homemade floral arrangements. Ask the hostess if you can bring in your own flowers. Purchase small vases at the Dollar Store, add a coat of spray paint and pick up flowers from your local grocery store! Flowers can be pricey and this is a great way to save some pennies.

Favors. There are so many cute things you can gift your guests – from sweet treats to bubbly to nail polish. Add a little thank you tag and place at each table setting — Again, this will dress up your table and your guests will love the personal touch! Our rule of thumb — Choose a theme and pick something your guests can definitely use (or nibble on the way home)!

Be sure to check out the rest of my post on Work It Out’s blog (here) for Hoboken’s hottest restaurants to throw a shower!

image: via Etsy

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