Getting Crafty {on a budget}

There’s no doubt that photo booths are a wedding trend that’s here to stay — they’re just so much fun! But when planning a wedding, especially on a budget, there are always things you need to cut back on or details you can’t include. So a professional photo booth may not be in your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. You just need to get a little creative, but that’s where I’m here help.

It’s safe to say there will be a few cameras (or a few dozen) at your wedding. And while your photographer may not be stationed at your homemade photo booth the whole time, he or she will still be able to get a few shots there. All you need are a backdrop and some props. For the backdrop you could find a cool wallpapered wall in your venue or just hang up a sheet (like my friend did below) or some streamers (see here).

IMG_7161{We may have been too big of a group for the sheet in the back, but you get the idea}

As for the props, here’s where you get to have a little more fun. Hats and sunglasses are always crowd-pleasers — and I’m sure between you and your friends and your old Halloween costumes and kids’ toy bins, you’ll be able to scrounge up enough of them. The best part?! That’s all free!

If you want to get a little crafty, you can make your own themed props. You’ll just need some popsicle sticks or sturdy paper straws, some cardboard, tape and colored paper. I was so impressed by my sister’s DIY graduation props, that I just had to share!


She got the idea off of Pinterest, no less — and you can buy these all over Etsy (here) — but why not, make your own?! Your friends will be impressed. I love a good hashtag – and this is another great opportunity to share your wedding hashtag with your guests!


Fun photos. Great memories. Happy guests. And more importantly, happy wallet.

Did you or are you planning on having a photo booth at your wedding? Leave a comment below!

all photos c/o Tulle Wedding Skirts

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