Card Box Alternatives

I love when my readers ask me questions and look to me for wedding advice – It really gets my creative juices flowing.

Q: Any suggestions for card boxes or creative ways to collect cards at the reception?

A: There are lots of options here – But it is hard to have your own unique twist. We’ve all seen the birdcages and antique suitcases, but here are my picks (in three categories) for card box alternatives.


card box alternative 1

These chalkboard boxes can be used as centerpieces or to hold floral arrangements – But why not write “Cards” on it and call it a day? It would definitely work for a rustic/shabby chic/outdoor/farm wedding. You can find this one at Pressed Cotton (here).


card box alternative 2

Lucite everything is everywhere these days. But my favorite pieces are the trays – which I think would make for the perfect “card tray.” I love the modern black and white pattern on this one. You could also get one monogrammed. The tray above comes from COCOCOZY (here).


card box alternative 3

You can always count on Pottery Barn for a classic look – which is where these lanterns are from (here). Use one to hold cards and a couple more for candles for a completely elegant card table. You can also find lanterns with a more nautical look for a beach wedding.

Hope this sparks some of your own ideas while wedding planning. Or if this sparked another question, feel free to leave it in the comments below!

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