Mother-of-the-Bride gifts {on a budget}

I was asked yesterday for some mother-of-the-bride gift ideas… and of course, it got my wheels turning. So today, I’d like to share my picks for mother-of-the-bride gifts – which just so happen to be budget friendly. And who doesn’t like that?!

vegan leather clutch

First up, this absolutely adorable handmade clutch – made with vegan leather no less. I bet you could even get the leather flap monogrammed (if that’s your mom’s thing). Find it on Etsy for $33 – here.

mother of the bride frame

Next – You can never go wrong with a picture frame. They always make perfect gifts – personalized or not. For a wedding, I’d just write a cute little “I owe you” note inside and then give your mom a photo of the two of you from the wedding! Another Etsy find for $32 – here.


And my personal favorite – the embroidered handkerchief. Above is the one I gave my mom (photograph c/o the lovely Jenelle Kappe). We got these for both our moms and my dad – And they really went over well! Along with being a practical gift for the wedding day, they make a beautiful keepsake afterwards – and can even be framed! I’d recommend this Etsy shop for them – here – and only $25!

Mother-of-the-bride gifts don’t have to be expensive. For such a momentous day, a little something special is the way to go. Oh, and you can totally steal these ideas for your bridesmaids too!

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