{real parties} A Bridal Shower for Melissa

Like I’ve said, this little blog has introduced me to some pretty amazing people. And Melissa is no different. A fellow event planner, who hails from Chicago, Melissa has a keen eye for detail, which I know will translate in her wedding. She gives us a look into her bridal shower today – You can tell her bridesmaids know her well, because it sounds like they nailed it! Read on…

M Shower 1

Since you’re the bride-to-be, I know you didn’t plan your own shower. Tell me a little about the fabulous ladies who did? Did they nail it?!
As someone who plans corporate meetings and events, it was really hard for me to step back from the planning process and go with the flow. I had decided early on that I would give the ladies an idea of who to invite, but try my best to hand over the reins and let them “create” the shower. I kept reminding myself that I did not need to micro-manage every detail…and the anticipation nearly killed me!
It was definitely worth it! When I walked into the room I was blown away by how perfectly everything matched what I had been envisioning. I am so incredibly fortunate to have had my four bridesmaids – Sarah, Kerry, Carrie, and Amanda, as well as my sister-in-law (SIL) – Jenny, my mother-in-law (MIL) – Lisa , and my Mom – Ann help plan this shower. They left no corner of the room unturned. Everywhere I looked there was a cute detail or tribute to us. The bridesmaids also have their own bio on our wedding page if you want even more details about how we met and why we keep each other around! 🙂 I could not have asked for a more fabulous and thoughtful group of ladies to plan this shower. (take a peak at their wedding website here.)

M Shower 2

As an event planner, I got really giddy when I saw your shower photos! Sometimes an event space already does the work for you – Which looks like might be the case with that gorgeous wallpapered wall. Where was your bridal shower held?
I loved this space and have continued to receive so many compliments on it! I was so lucky to have Kerry (bridesmaid) offer the penthouse party space in her building. It was the perfect size for a group of about twenty women with enough room to mingle, but cozy enough to not feel over-the-top. The views were beautiful and the room came furnished with modern decor, comfortable furniture and a small kitchen for all of the food and drink prep.

M Shower 5
Everyone loves a good DIY. What’s the story behind those heart-shaped stirrers in your coffee?
There were SO MANY little details that made me smile because they spoke to our personalities (Jay and I) and who we are as a couple. My bridesmaid Amanda is a crafty gal and diligently sat with a glue gun making all those little stirrers. I also have to give shout-outs to my MIL and SIL on the decor details!
My MIL made the guest giveaway bags, which were little burlap sacks hand-painted with our names, the wedding date, and the phrase “The Perfect Blend”. Inside the burlap bag was another bag with little paw prints and chocolate covered espresso beans – a nod to my love of animals and all things coffee!
My SIL is the owner of Chicago Silk Florist. She not only arranged all of the floral pieces in the room, but added tons of little details like menu labels, balloons in our wedding colors, and pictures of us – that really brought everything together!

M Shower 3

M Shower 4

Bridal shower games – Yay or nay?
My mom is a music therapist so I grew up playing games at every family event and this was no different. However in my short lived adult-life, I’ve come to realize not EVERYONE appreciates them as much as I do. I think it’s fun to laugh at yourself and meet someone you might otherwise not engage with, so when the games were planned our goal was mainly to get guests up and interacting with one another. I’d say the 2014 Miss Toliet Paper Bride had the best visual results!

M Shower 7

So when can we see more? When/where is the big day?
Yes! The big day is May 30, 2014 at the Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago. The REC has a beautiful atrium and loft space where we will be hosting both our ceremony and reception. We fell in love with this venue long before we were even engaged. It’s located about eight blocks from the apartment we have lived in the past four years, so the location definitely makes it feel like it’s part of our story. We can’t wait!

M Shower 6

Kisses for the bride-to-be!! Seriously, could Melissa be any cuter?!

Kudos to her amazing bridesmaids – What an adorable shower! I can’t wait to see what her wedding will look like in May – Stay tuned for more!

photos c/o Jennifer Basden

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