{local vendors} Q&A with Laura of The Dates of our Lives

Blogging has introduced me to many new things – But one thing I’ve really loved is how blogging has introduced me to so many amazing women. I love small businesses – and the incredible women who are behind so many of them. So today, I’d like to introduce you to Laura of The Dates of our Lives, who started her own stationery business from the comfort of her own home!

the dates of our lives logo

So many women are taking the leap and starting their own businesses these days – And I’m loving it! What made you go into the stationery business?
I have always loved being creative and designing unique pieces. Getting into the stationery business just kind of happened. I was designing pieces for my son (birth announcement, christening invite) and people just started asking me to design invitations for them. So I decided to go for it.

save the date - the dates of our lives

{Laura’s own Save the Date!}

I love a catchy name. What’s the meaning behind the name, The Dates of our Lives?
I wanted a name that was a play on words and easy to remember. Every piece I design has a date on it and those dates are important in our lives. So it only makes sense to go with it. I have my husband to thank for coming up with the catchy name.

snowflake invitation -  the dates of our lives

There are a lot of wedding invitation trends out there. What’s your favorite right now?
I really like the pocketfold invitations with a little sparkle. A little rhinestone makes a big difference.

snowflake invitation 2 - the dates of our lives

Running your own business is hard work. How do you balance your work and motherhood to your two little ones?!
It’s definitely a balancing act. But it’s the best of both worlds. It gives me the flexibility to take my kids places, and when work needs to be done I can stay home and do it.

wedding programs - the dates of our lives

What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business?
I say to go for it. It’s scary and exciting all in one. Having the support from your loved ones just gives you more confidence to do your best and succeed.

Thank you Laura for a peak into your business – Wishing you nothing but success! Be sure to check out The Dates of our Lives (here) for wedding invitations, save the dates, programs – and more!

all photos from The Dates of our Lives

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