The Peony Problem

stop and smell the peonies print

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Oh peonies. You make everyone crazy. With your big, soft petals and pretty shades of pink, you make every girl swoon over you. Spring after spring… But that’s just the thing, you only come around during the spring and then you’re gone like the wind – breaking girl’s hearts, who continue to long for you all year.

Peonies make a beautiful bridal bouquet – They’re full and elegant and look beautiful alone with no additional fillers. However, like I said, they’re a spring bloom. So all you spring brides, go enjoy your peonies – you have nothing to stress over. All my late summer/fall brides, this post is for you. You, too, have nothing to stress over, because there are other options that will give your bouquet that same soft, full and elegant look!

peony bouquet - jenelle kappe

{White peony bouquet from a gorgeous Jenelle Kappe spring wedding}

Ladies, meet cabbage rose. Peony’s twin sister. Seriously, can you even tell the difference?

pink cabbage rose bouquet

{I think this might be peonies and cabbage roses, but my sources tell me they’re cabbage roses. Via Ashley Biess Photography}

Dahlias also make a great peony alternative, especially for my fall brides. Here’s another beautiful bouquet – a mix of dahlias and cabbage roses.

dahlia and rose bouquet

{via the always faithful, style me pretty}


{my own bouquet – via Jenelle Kappe}

My all-white bouquet was a mixture of cabbage roses, hydrangeas and lisianthus (the ones with the yellow center) – as well as queen anne’s lace and dusty miller. Hydrangeas are another big, full flower if you’re looking for that effect.

So there you go peony-lovers. Flowers can be tricky – So I really hope this helps you throughout the process. And of course, I’m always open to more questions!

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