{real weddings} Elizabeth & Jaryd – Engaged

Another real weddings feature for you today. This time from a fellow blogger, Elizabeth, of the very cool fashion blog, Contemperamental (here). Her style is edgy, yet contemporary, yet classic – Bottom line, she’s WAY cooler than me. But boy does this girl know how to bargain shop! She has scooped some seriously awesome buys. Really – Go check out her blog. Now.

Today, Elizabeth shares with us her engagement photos and some wedding details. Which also means you just have to come back for the actual wedding!


Your blog has quickly become a daily read of mine. As a new blogger myself, what made you bite the bullet and start and your blog?
Thank you, I’m so glad!! I work in fashion PR so staying on top of the blogosphere has always been an important part of my job. I found myself reading blog posts and saying “I want to do that!”. I knew the longer I waited to start blogging, the harder it would be to break into such a saturated market. After familiarizing myself with the technical side of running a blog, I took the leap and launched Contemperamental. Running a fashion blog has given me the chance to act as Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director of my own “brand”. It offers me a bit of autonomy when my day job feels too constricting.


What’s the meaning behind the name, Contemperamental?
Contemperamental is a fusion of the words “contemporary” and “temperamental”.  My blog concentrates heavily on contemporary fashion but it is important to me that the fashion be injected with humor, levity and accessibility. I tend to take a temperamental approach to fashion – some days I am consumed with trends, new collections and emerging designers and other days I couldn’t be bothered.  People who say they “live and breathe” fashion need to reexamine their priorities.


I love how your engagement photos are a blend of romantic (with the twinkle lights) meets swagger (with the sunglasses). Tell me a little about the location of your shoot and your personal style.
These photos were shot outside Aria Wine Bar in the West Village. I am assuming that Aria has the twinkle lights up to mask the temporary scaffolding but I might suggest that they find a way to keep them – they make for such a magical entrance!  Jaryd and I wanted our shoot to feel timeless but still be an accurate representation of our style.  He tends to be more preppy while I mix in edgier pieces – we meet in the middle with a classic pair of Ray-Bans.


How’s wedding planning going? Totally stressful or totally cool?
For the most part, totally cool. I had the big picture details ironed out within the first two weeks of being engaged; I didn’t want to be limited in vendor selection because I had let too much time pass before beginning the vetting process. My parents are generously hosting the wedding but have given me full control of the planning process. I have found it much easier to make decisions with limited cooks in the kitchen. Jaryd and I tend to be more on the fastidious side so our families trust that if it meets our standards, they will love it too!


So when can we see more? When/where is your wedding?
Our wedding is in late September at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey. Jaryd and I hail from the same area, so getting married where we grew up was the first and easiest wedding decision we made. We will be married in the same church in which I was christened and confirmed and our reception will be ocean-side at one of our favorite restaurants. It will hopefully be the perfect marriage (pun intended) between our beach town roots and our current life in Manhattan!

These photos are just too cute. What an adorable couple! With Elizabeth’s sense of style, I can only imagine what her wedding will look like – and I can’t wait!

photography by Esther Jung Photography

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