Mood Board Monday

I’ve got to say, throw pillows may be my favorite decorating secret. They can spruce up or add a pop of color to a bed, couch, bench or armchair. And you can rotate styles with the season – Because the secret is, you don’t buy new pillows every time – just new covers. So (of course!) why would wedding decor be any different?! I think the use of cheerful throw pillows in each of these wedding lounges and cocktail hour decorum is so adorable.

The use of words may be obvious, but sometimes it’s good to just spell it out. Here we’ve got all the options – A beautiful monogram, husband & wife, his & hers, an ampersand, and Mr. & Mrs. And we know these pillows won’t go to waste – Whether they’re a new addition to the newlywed’s bed or swapped out with another pillow cover to match the living room. Now I want to buy more pillows – Shh, don’t tell Paulie!

image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5

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