We’ve all got spring fever (like, woah) – Which is why today I have some more pretty blooms for you. Kelly (read more here) started to bring out my inner florist and really introduced me to two flowers that not only does she incorporate into a lot of her arrangements, but I’ve also been seeing pop up lately on Pinterest and in bouquets – anemones and ranunculus.

anemones and japanese ranunculus

{arranged by 2h flowers / shot by alice gao}

Both anemones and ranunculus are spring flowers. Which makes them not only in season now, but perfect for your spring wedding!

anemone and ranunculus bouquet

{sweet & soft bouquet found here}

Besides being totally gorgeous, both varieties can be found in a range of colors to go with many different color palettes. However, I can’t help but be drawn to the pink ones!

ranunculus centerpice

{ranunculus centerpiece}

Are you loving them too? Did you use either in your own wedding flowers? Or planning on using them? Let me know!

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