{real weddings} Q&A with Jamie of Duffield Lane

I’ve got another great interview for you today! I’m so excited to introduce you all to Jamie Loeks Duffield, founder of Duffield Lane – the newest line of cozy loungewear, which I think is just the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. And Jamie just so happens to have gotten married this past summer! Keep reading for more insight on her amazing company, as well as her wedding!


What made you go into the fashion industry, more specifically loungewear?
I never really set out to go into fashion. Like a lot of girls, I love fashion and probably shopped too much and read too many glossy magazines, but I never dreamt that I could be lucky enough to make a career out of anything fashion related. I was actually a practicing attorney in Miami when I had the idea for Duffield Lane.

The idea for Duffield Lane came one Christmas while shopping for pjs for my family for our traditional Christmas Eve pj presents. I really couldn’t find anything I loved. It was all too goofy – like giant candy canes – or too sexy, and not really appropriate for hanging out with family! I decided that I could come up with something better! I’ve always wanted to go into business for myself and with the idea for Duffield Lane I was able to make that dream come true. I feel really lucky that I wound up in the fashion industry, after always pursuing the practical career path (no one goes to law school just for fun!) I am so happy and amazed that I wound up doing something so fun and creative!


What’s the meaning behind the name, Duffield Lane?
Duffield is my married name, although at the time we decided to go with Duffield Lane as a name, it was my fiance’s last name, not mine (good thing he was comfortable with me borrowing it a little early!). I liked the idea of using my name as I think it makes me feel very connected to the company and keeps me focused on our original ideas and goals. I certainly don’t want to put my name on something I am not very proud of!

We decided to go with Duffield Lane (rather than just Duffield) as I think it evokes a sense of coziness and comfort, like that pretty street with all the lovely classic old houses on it. We even use a sketch of our home as part of our logo which makes the whole Duffield Lane brand feel very personal to me.


I see you recently got married, tell me a little about your wedding style?
I would say our wedding style was classic and elegant but with a bit of fun and whimsy. At the beginning of planning I saw pictures of a wedding on a beach in the Bahamas that was fancy black tie, but no one wore shoes! All the men had their tuxedo pants rolled up around their ankles. I thought that was such a cool balance of being elegant without being stuffy. While our wedding was not black tie, I still would say we were going for a sort of barefoot black tie feel. Our bridesmaids wore navy and white polka dot dresses and our groomsmen wore khakis and navy blazers – and no one wore shoes!


What made your wedding dress “you”?
I had never seen anything like my dress. It was made up of ivory ribbons, some of which even had a subtle stripe pattern on them. The ribbons gave the dress a sort of white on white stripe look causing it to look sort of nautical. I thought it fit with our wedding style because while it was certainly a very formal dress it had this nautical twist that made it fun. (Plus my husband, when we were still getting to know one another, told me that I was the only girl he’d met whose style he would describe as “nautical”. While I don’t think this was necessarily a compliment at the time, my tendency to love all things blue and white, has become a sort of ongoing joke through our relationship 🙂 )


What’s one piece of wedding planning advice you would give to brides?
I think there are two things I would tell brides planning their wedding. First, I think what made our wedding so fun was our focus on making sure our guests were always comfortable. We did things like give them sandals, sunscreen and flip-flops when they got to the beach, and had water and iced tea waiting for them while they waited for the ceremony. We had big white sunglasses on every chair which helped everyone’s eyes on our sunny day, and also made for some great pictures!  Immediately after the ceremony we had waiters waiting with trays of champagne and cocktails, and the delicious appetizers were not far behind. I think when you’re comfortable you’re more likely to have a good time. I know when I’m hungry/thirsty/hot etc. I’m not super fun to be around so I wanted to make sure our guests had everything they needed to feel at ease.

Second, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, don’t sweat the small stuff! I spent so much time stressing about the little details that I later realized was just so silly. I’m not saying don’t pay attention to the details but be sure to look at the big picture too, it will help you see what is really not worth your worry and what is.

Thank you so much, Jamie! Loving your tunics, style & advice – and of course, a sneak peak of your wedding! Readers, if you’re looking for more, be sure to pick up the next issue of The Knot (hitting newsstands in April) for more of Jamie’s wedding photos!!

all photos via Duffield Lane

5 thoughts on “{real weddings} Q&A with Jamie of Duffield Lane

  1. What a fun article! I was Jamie’s planner/designer/florist for her wedding and it was such a beautiful event. Can’t wait for the Knot article to come out 🙂

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