{real weddings} Kerry & Colin – Engaged

Ask and you shall receive… I’m so excited to share my first real weddings feature with you today! Not only are the future bride & groom very near and dear to my heart, but their photographer is nothing short of fabulous. Kerry, the bride-to-be, fills us in on some behind-the-scenes details – While, Kina Wicks, captures their Chicago love story perfectly.


Your engagement photos are gorgeous. How did you discover Kina Wicks?
Thank you!  We both are so excited with how they turned out!  As two not-so-normally-photogenic people, we were a little worried but we really couldn’t have asked for them to turn out any better.
We were really nervous about picking a photographer.  A certain style of photography for the wedding was really important to us and we had put a lot of pressure on finding the perfect one in our heads. We absolutely love the style of film photography as it has a real soft, almost antique look when it’s developed but knew that asking for film photography was raising the price bar significantly. Needless to say we were anxious to find someone who fit the bill and our budget.
I had worked with an amazing family and birth photographer (Suzy at Simply by Suzy) at my old job who shot mostly on film and had that soft, personable look that we loved.  Knowing she only does a select number of weddings each year, I reached out to ask if she had any recommendations for photographers that shared her style and love of film. As fate would have it, Suzy just opened a studio space with a wedding photographer, the lovely Mrs. Kina Wicks, and quickly passed us along to her!  We met her for an in-person consult a few days later and 100% fell in love.  Though we tried to play it cool in the meeting, the minute we both got in the cab to go home, we turned to each other with HUGE smiles and knew then and there that we had found the perfect person to capture our big day.



Love that green dress. What made you chose your outfits for the shoot?
Ohh man…I spent hours thinking about what I wanted to wear and stalking other people’s (including yours) engagement pictures online. I knew I always wanted two different outfits — one a little dressy and one a bit more casual – but hadn’t really thought much about it outside of that.  Once we decided to do engagement pictures, I liked the idea of us wearing one “everyday” outfit so it felt more natural and less staged.
A few weeks before the shoot, I was browsing online and immediately spotted the green sheath at Banana Republic.  I love that it was long-sleeved and knew that I’d get wear out of it outside of the shoot so I took the plunge hoping it’d work out.  Luckily it did…and Colin loved the color!
I also really needed a new fall coat so what better time than now, right? I found the blue corduroy one I wore for some of the pictures while at LOFT one day after yoga and while there spotted the comfy cream and black sweater which I quickly snatched up. That sweater has actually become my favorite…it is SO soft and cuddly.
Colin didn’t really have a huge preference on what he wore so I picked up the grey sweater and plaid button up (which had some green in it to match my dress!) at Banana after work one day.  He chose the purple thermal for his second outfit from his closet that morning as we were getting ready, which turned out great.
The thing I love about the outfits is that they are completely our style and things that we continue to wear on an ongoing basis.  The more casual outfits make it feel like they don’t necessarily have to be engagement photos.  They could just be random pictures of us from a random day, which is nice to have!



What’s the significance of the locations of your engagement photos?
The only place we really wanted to make sure we had pictures at was where Colin proposed – Diversey Harbor.  Over our years here in Chicago, we’ve developed a love of the city skyline view from this harbor and it’s really become a special place in our hearts.  Before we got engaged, we even bought a painting of the view because we love it so much.  That always makes Colin laugh because at that time he knew it would become an even more significant place for us a month later when he would propose.
The other locations we left up to Kina.  We told her we wanted some “downtown” looking ones so she brought us along the river on Wacker Drive where we got some amazing shots with the buildings behind us and some of our favorite “artsy” ones on the bridges down there.



What made you decide to get engagement photos?
Going into the photographer hunt, we really had no thoughts about engagement photos.  I always thought they were really cute but didn’t see them as a necessity.  Kina’s packages always include engagement photos so that’s really how ours came to be.
Looking back, we’re really glad we did them for a few reasons.  They really gave us and Kina the opportunity to get to know each other and how we act in a photo shoot environment.  For most, you’re not used to getting your picture taken professionally and since you’ll be in the same situation on your wedding day, it’s nice to have a “dry-run” of sorts where you figure out what’s comfortable, what’s not, what angles you like of yourself and what works for the two of you.  For Kina, I’m sure it also gave her a better idea of how to get the best pictures out of us on the big day.
I also really like having nice, professional pictures of us that aren’t of me in a wedding dress and him in a suit.  Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for the wedding pictures and will for sure have a billion of them around the apartment, but these provide us with something that’s a little more typical or representative of us in daily life.



So, when can we see more? When/where is your wedding?!
We are getting hitched on October 4 at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum here in Chicago and we couldn’t be more excited!
While it’s an out-of-town wedding for most of our friends and family, anything but a Chicago wedding just didn’t feel right to us.  We likely won’t be out here forever so wanted to have this be a really special day to celebrate our time here.


Thank you Kerry for giving us a glimpse into your gorgeous shoot! (and thanks brother!) Be sure to stay tuned for more on their wedding journey!

note: I’m off for a little winter break – Back to blogging on Monday. Don’t miss me too much!

Photography: Kina Wicks Photography

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