{Signature Drink} Whiskey Ginger

I love the trend of having a signature drink (or two) at a wedding. The hubs and I love a good ginger drink and opted for the Moscow Mule at our wedding. Had we gotten married in the winter, I think our drink of choice would have been a good ol’ Whiskey Ginger – It warms the soul on a cold night. So on Valentine’s Day, we whipped out our cute glasses, raided the liquor cabinet and settled in for a cozy, winter night with a proper cocktail in hand.


I can’t deny my love for food and drink – So it’s about time there was a recipe on this blog!


Oh hey, Jack & Ginger.


Paulie got his first taste of Blogging 101: Having to take pics each step of the way, being a hand model – and probably the most difficult – having to wait patiently before taking that first sip. (Thanks babe!)


The D’s Whiskey Ginger Recipe

1 part whiskey
2 parts ginger ale (or ginger beer)
3 ice cubes
1 piece candied ginger to garnish

Pour. Stir. Garnish. (x2) Cheers!

Photos by Tulle Wedding Skirts

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