A Brow Shaping Tutorial with Amanda Rae

Eyebrows are big these days – And by big I mean women are totally paying more attention to their brows – as well as wanting a “bigger,” fuller brow. Which brings me to today’s post, a step-by-step eyebrow shaping tutorial with the adorable Amanda Rae. A fellow Jersey-girl, MAC employee, bridal makeup artist and total brow-enthusiast!

So let’s get right to it! First up, you’ll need the proper supplies: Brow Trimming Scissors & Shaping Brush (here) and Point Tweezers (here) – all by Tweezerman.


Step 1:  Brush brows up.


Step 2:  Trim brows above the brush line (what’s sticking up above the natural line of your brows).


Step 3:  Using a makeup brush, measure from the edge of your nose to each corner of your eye – This will guide you where to start and stop your tweezing. Don’t worry if it doesn’t line up exactly – That’s what a brow pencil is for!




Step 4:  Tweeze. But don’t over-pluck! Remember to work with your natural shape – Everyone’s brows are different shapes and sizes!


Step 5:  Now comes the fun part! Break out your favorite pencil (we used MAC’s Lingering) and start by outlining the shape of your brows. (We over exaggerated here for the photo.) Using light, brush-like strokes, fill in your brows with your pencil.



And Voila! Pretty filled-in, shaped brows!


Many thanks to Carmela (of Carmela Caracappa Photography) for being such a great model – and such a great sport for the extreme close-ups!

And if you’re in the NY/NJ area, be sure to contact Amanda for your wedding makeup needs (she does airbrushing too!) or if you just need a good brow wax!

Amanda Rae Makeup
p 732.397.5848
tweet @AmandaRaeMakeup
like www.facebook.com/araemakeup

Photos by Tulle Wedding Skirts

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