You’re engaged! Now what?!


We are, without a doubt, in the middle of engagement season – That time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day when everyone seems to be getting engaged. Why? Because love is in the air during the holidays – and it’s cold out, real cold. Which means we stay inside, cuddle under the covers and act all lovey-dovey (well sometimes).

But after that pretty, sparkly ring is on your finger, where do you begin?! Here’s where:

1. Congrats! Soak it all in. Stare at your hand – and stare again, and again (It’s still there). Drink that champagne. Just enjoy it!

1a. Get your ring resized, if need be. Trust me, you’re not used to it yet, so your finger won’t feel weird without it there – and it will just be a couple of days. You won’t want to give it up later on.

2. Take your time. There’s no sense rushing into planning and making any quick decisions.

3. Make a guest list. In a perfect world, who would you want to be there? You can’t pick a venue without knowing about how many people you’re going to invite.

4. Discuss your budget, your ideas, your likes & dislikes. It’s good to get on the same page – and know what elements of the wedding are important to you both.

5. Research venues. Make appointments to check them out. Discuss what you each like/dislike about each venue. Narrow your choices down.

5a. If you’ve decided you want to get married in a church, make sure your church and venue are available on the same date.

6. If there are vendors you already know you absolutely want to have (say a photographer or a band), cross-check their availability with the venue’s availability to help narrow down a date. If you haven’t researched those vendors yet, don’t stress! There are plenty of vendors out there to choose from. Pick the date that works best for you and your fiance – whether that’s based on the time of year, work schedules or other family obligations.

7. Set the date!! And then call and email your VIP’s to make sure they mark their calendars!

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