Bridesmaids on a budget

I’ll be sharing lots of pretty pictures from around the web, but I also want to make sure to keep things in perspective – That’s why I’ll be doing a series of budget posts for different elements of your wedding. Since we’ve already discussed bridesmaid dresses, I’d figure we’d start there. And why not stick with the blush/champagne color family!

Thanks to online shopping there really are so many more options for bridesmaids these days. I know many women will shy away from online shopping (especially for bridesmaid dresses) because they can’t try things on before purchasing, but as along as you read the return policy this can be a great option that shouldn’t be ruled out. Plus, your out-of-town ‘maids will thank you, because they can shop from home and be included in the process too!

Under $200: David’s Bridal has a bridesmaids line and so many are the same cuts and silhouettes as your favorite designer dresses! This and this are personal favs! Nordstrom has some great options too – This dress is online only, but just look at that back!

Under $100: Two online shops I came across during my own wedding research were Modcloth and ShopRuche – Both have “bridal” sections on their sites – and you seriously can’t beat their prices! Like this, and this!

Every little penny saved while planning your wedding is a good thing – Hope this helps your budget!

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