The Beginning

“You can take a girl out of ballet, but you can’t take the ballet out of a girl.”

My mom put me in ballet and tap when I was in kindergarten – and it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve been there ever since. So when the time came to plan my own wedding, it only made sense that I was drawn to dresses made with soft tulle, classic lines and belts stitched with rhinestones. I may not be tying on my pointe shoes anymore, but dancing on stage is kind of like being a bride – Standing at the altar, all eyes on you, hair and makeup done to perfection and wearing a dress so beautiful that you might even question, “Is this really me?!”

tutu pic 2

Yes, that’s me – Practicing backstage before a competition and concentrating oh, so hard. Besides posture and grace, the main thing ballet gave me was confidence. Confidence to get on stage – confidence to get up and keep performing when you slip on stage – confidence that you can plan your own wedding – confidence that you can create a blog and share yourself with the entire world.

Tulle Wedding Skirts (a nod to my own wedding dress) isn’t going to be a blog about brides who look like ballerinas. I plan to share my own wedding planning experiences, local vendors, wedding inspiration boards and future events. I hope you’ll follow along with me into the world of weddings – and find a bit of inspiration to use for your own wedding, to pass along to a friend or save on a Pinterest board for that future party you’ve always wanted to host.

Thank you for reading my first post. I hope you’ll come back for more!


Image one via Tulle Wedding Skirts, Image two via Jenelle Kappe

9 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I love this….it is just how I described your wedding to my friends! You took the elements of your dance background combined with your event planning skills to create a beautiful day where you showed up in each detail. I know that others will be inspired by your skills, passion and visuals! I can’t wait to watch this site grow!!

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